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'The twins' were built for a father and son, so they were identical in shape, size and design. They are 'fraternal', so the wood used was the only difference.This one has mahogany sandwiched between a black walnut back and maple top.

‘Twin One’

Francis Guitars, 2011


Scale length:25-261/2‘'


Body: Black walnut,                  mahogany and                maple

Neck: Black walnut

Truss rod: Single action

Fret board: Maple

Board radius: 12

Frets: Jumbo

Tuning keys: Sperzel,                        black, locking

Pickups: Lace Alumitone,

            single coil

Bridge/tailpiece: custom,                    black walnut                   bone bridge

Strap locks: Schaller

Finish: Danish oil and                carnauba wax